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Clearing of Vendor Postings

Open Items, or simply OPs, are defined as incomplete transactions in the SAP system. There are several approaches to define a document as an OP, such as outstanding vendor payment, pending customer payment, etc. OPs have different points of view, like General Ledger (GL) and

The 5 steps when preparing for automation

Many organizations fear finance transformation projects. Stories of failed attempts and the confusion of figuring out exactly where to start to lead to many quitting before they even begin.

The 4 key areas for power finance automation

In today’s highly complex business environment to make an efficient Finance Automation journey, we must start with a full approach and look at four key areas: Processes, Technology, People, Information.

3 new builders to code a better future

In our last post about the OutSystems event #NextStep, we discussed how low-code is a significant asset when it comes to overcoming challenges in application development. This week we present the three new game changers that the platform presented.

5 solutions that low-code provides for development challenges

In last week’s post, we talked about the main challenges when developing software from scratch. Today, we continue our discussion following two topics: how those drawbacks are usually addressed within the companies and how we can look at them through the low-code lenses.