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Major electricity generation and distribution company

Keywords:  Support implementation Partner / Workshops / Reconciliation /

Headquarters: Italy

# Leasing contracts: +30K

Qiado supported this customer for a long time. The project involved the setup of a disconnected system and Qiado´s main role was to support the implementation partner. The biggest challenge of this project was its significant amount and number of lease contracts. During the implementation, the main activities that Qiado supported were Workshops, accounting postings, reconciliation IFRS Postings, financial reporting.

Major electric utility company

Keywords:  IFRS16 Test cases /  Customized Financial Report / Training /  Contract Data

Headquarters: France

# Leasing contracts: +50K

This project had several challenges such as a very significant amount of lease contracts, a significant amount of users, IFRS16 standard compliance, and a disconnected system to configure. In the very initial phase of the project, Qiado supported assessing the full retrospective and the modified transition. Qiado was responsible to present the technical solutions for the two scenarios. Then, Qiado also supports in delivering very detailed documentation with calculations and validation of the IFRS16 default test cases in the leasing software. This, enabled the accounting and the consolidation team, as well as the audit team, to approve the technical IFRS16 solution. Qiado also supported in USER training, SLAN configuration, ERP integration, and customization.


One last challenge in this project was related to the development of one specific reporting according to the requirements of several business units from all over the world. This report is supporting this customer being compliant with IFRS16 for the group reporting but at the same time is supporting business units to comply with the local GAAPs from the specific country location.

Major multinational oil and gas company

Keywords:  Data Gathering /  SLAN Configuration / UAT /  Reconciliation

Headquarters: Italy

# Leasing contracts: 10K

Qiado supported this customer for some time and he projects involved the setup of a disconnected system. Qiado’s main role was to support Contract Data Gathering. Other activities during the implementation that Qiado supported were SLAN configuration, Workshops, Training, and User Acceptance Tests, accounting postings, reconciliation IFRS Postings, financial reporting.

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