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Sports & Food

Major food-products corporation

Keywords:  Support Implementation Partner / +10 ERP systems / Reconciliation / Reporting

Headquarters: France

# Leasing contracts: 2000

Qiado has been supporting this customer for a long time. The biggest challenge of this project was its more than 10 different ERP systems to be integrated, along with its significant amount and number of lease contracts. Qiado has been supporting the implementation partner in this project. During the implementation, the main activities that Qiado supported were Workshops, accounting postings, reconciliation IFRS Postings, financial reporting.

Major sporting goods company

Keywords:  SAP ECC and S/4 integration / Data Migration / Communication, Training and Team Working / Accounting and Financial Migration 

Headquarters: Finland

# Leasing contracts: 2.000

One of the major sporting goods companies in Europe (Headquarters in Finland) decided to use Nakisa Lease Administration (SLAN) to manage its complex lease scenario. As a multi-brand company, the lease accounting operations were decentralized, and the portfolio of almost 2000 contracts was quite diversified (warehouses, factories, offices, storefronts, and vehicle leases). The adoption of SLAN as an end to end tool to perform the lease management allowed the company to consolidate the lease data on a single tool.


However, companies are dynamic and, an international group (a Top 3 sportswear company in the world by revenue) bought the company. This acquisition and other business decisions led to some organizational and structural changes generating the need to create new systems in SLAN and SAP and to migrate data between them. Moreover, new teams joined the lease area, making the communication more complex. With the topic of different time zone on top to handle, giving the joiners was from a different continent!


When we look at the calendar, this new merge took place sensible one year after the initial Go-Live of SLAN, and there was an update in the middle. This means that migration was done in a different version of the tool, sometimes leading to technical challenges.


Considering the structural changes in place, Qiado’s team started with the gathering of the requirements. Since there was a new external team coming to work on the leasing management projects, Qiado had to plan how to be the perfect “bridge” between the existing team and the new team.


After the kick-off, where all the teams were part of the discussion to build a task plan roadmap, expectations were shared, and there was an agreement about entities and data to be migrated from one system to another, in accordance with the requirements of the different teams and managers of the different systems.


During the development of the projects, Qiado was able to:


Build an experienced team to handle all the challenges The team was composed of accounting and financial experts, system experts, SAP experts, and Nakisa experts.


Perform an accounting and financial migration – One of the major challenges was to find a way to match the exact figures expected by the customer for migration between systems, with the plus that it was running already in a different version. With Qiado’s s experience and knowledge of accounting and the tool itself, we were able to reach the client’s goals (figures from closing in the old system could match the figures on Go-Live in the new system).


Software Technical Support – during the projects also some technical challenges were faced, namely because of different versions from initial Go-Live and migrations. Qiado could answer by providing solutions and workarounds.


Train the new customer team – After the acquisition, new users started to use the Lease accounting tool, leading to training.


Following the success of the first migration project and the customer’s happiness with the results, the relationship has been strengthened, and Qiado started to be the preferred partner for the migration projects.


A total of 3 projects were already delivered, and Qiado’ s team is finishing the 4th. The customer and our team are already working and planning a more complex and higher responsibility project – integrating SLAN with SAP S/4 Hana.


In a world where globalization and transformation are key, we need to be prepared to adjust ourselves according to the challenges we accept. During the projects and according to the customer’s challenges, Qiado provided the best consultants managing to solve each one. With the diversity of skills from the team involved, Qiado was capable of meeting all needs and, at the same time, handling the communication between all stakeholders in a smooth way.

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