Do iT Lean and Qiado Join Forces to Accelerate Digital Business Transformation

The new partnership combines Do iT Lean’s expertise in low-code application delivery with Qiado’s knowledge and business expertise in DACH and Nordics Regions


Do iT Lean, a global application delivery company, and, Qiado, an IT consulting company, today announced their new strategic partnership focused on the DACH and Nordics regions. This partnership will extend Qiado’s ability to service its client’s digital transformation needs for custom software by leveraging Do iT Lean’s low-code application development and delivery expertise.

With technology playing a critical role in every aspect of business today, companies recognize they need to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives to ensure that they remain competitive and relevant. The partnership brings together the speed of application development leveraging OutSystems low-code application development technology with consulting services to support clients through successful and needed transformations for business success.

Frederico Ferreira, CEO at Do iT Lean explains “We have helped many of our customers through their digital transformation journey by successfully partnering with them and delivering the solutions they need to digitally transform their business. I’m confident that with Qiado’s guidance and knowledge of the DACH and Nordics region we will be able to deliver high-quality solutions to companies in the region. “

While Do iT Lean is headquartered in Portugal, the company has customers all around the world that are served remotely from delivery hubs. Specialized in projects leveraging the OutSystems low-code development platform the company offers a wide range of experts and services to develop innovative solutions while reducing application development costs and dramatically increasing the speed of delivery.

Ferreira says, “The localized support that Qiado can offer is important for success. Together we can help customers in the region deliver innovative solutions and accelerate their business transformation efforts.”

“Digitization plays a key role in supporting business success and overcoming adversities when facing uncertain times. OutSystems low-code platform has proven to be the best choice for our clients wishing to rapidly innovate and reduce long term application costs,” says Felipe Nogueira, Managing Partner at Qiado.

“The Qiado and Do iT Lean partnership will combine our local support and business knowledge with Do iT Lean’s world-class development capabilities using OutSystems to help our clients meet their businesses’ innovation and automation goals.”

Working together Qiado and Do iT Lean will provide a unique combination of Central European enterprise knowledge and world-class development expertise using the OutSystems platform. This combination is the recipe for the successful delivery of Digital Transformation initiatives in the region.

About Do iT Lean

Do iT Lean is an application delivery company dedicated to building mobile and web applications using the OutSystems low-code platform. Servicing customers around the world the company has seen exponential growth for the past few years. Based on an agile delivery methodology the company builds and delivers lean solutions that are easy to use and maintain. Learn more about Do iT Lean at

About Qiado

Qiado is a consulting company specialized in delivering out of the box and tailor-made IT solutions for clients all around Europe, bridging the gap between business and technology.

With an extensive track record of projects successfully delivered across several industries, Qiado supports transformation implementations, and integration to SAP and other ERP solutions, Application Management, and Business Processes.

In a world where the only constant in life is change, Qiado multidisciplinary and multi-language team is always ready to tackle the challenges and complexities of any IT project.

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