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Accounting Solutions

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Enterprise Business Applications

Cloud Solutions for Lease administration

Cloud Solution

Cloud technology enables organizations to use the solution right out-of-the-box with minimal customization. Nakisa is able to provide a secure and reliable solution by partnering with cloud service providers. This helps to relieve the operational burden of operating, managing, and controlling the components.

Simple data control

Nakisa Lease Administration allows our clients to save time and costs by centralizing all contract data in one, single repository. A global view on all lease contracts enables users to view lease liabilities and commitments and quickly evaluate leasing impacts on financial statements.

Agile-deployment ready

Sophisticated cloud technology eliminates the need to discuss hardware requirements and software compatibilities. By eliminating the intricacies of a complex on-premise deployment, our project teams can more quickly configure, connect, and deploy your solution.

Lease Accounting made easy

Lease accounting is simplified and streamlined with Nakisa Lease Administration, a single system for accruals, payments, reconciliation, and financial reporting on leases. Nakisa Lease Administration was designed from the ground up to support compliance with the new lease accounting standards.

Automated, end-to-end lease lifecycle management cross equipment and real estate.

The Fastest Way to Comply with IFRS 16 Standards

LeaseAccelerator offers a fast, easy, low-cost strategy for complying with the IFRS 16 standards. Whether you are racing to comply with an upcoming deadline or seeking a scalable approach to long-term success, LeaseAccelerator can help you ensure that your accounting is accurate and complete. With our lease accounting software you can manage all your real estate and equipment leases in a single subledger. Once implemented, the record-to-report and monthly close processes are highly automated, enabling you to generate financial disclosures with just a few mouse clicks.

Lifecycle lease management

Centralize all the data about your information technology, data center, transportation, material handling, and office equipment assets into a single, enterprise-wide system. Armed with all of your leasing contract terms, financing rates, and expiration dates in a single repository, you will be able to quickly identify opportunities for equipment and real state leases.

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