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Lessor App

Scope of work

Design, SAP Integration, Frontend
and Backend, QA, OCR

Stacks involved



Complex leasing contracts live on
SAP in under 5 minutes

Modernize and Future-Proof SAP

About the app

Working with Lease Accounting for so long, we have been able to experience firsthand the gaps

and pain points during a leasing contract life-cycle. Over the last years, getting in-depth knowledge

from SAP RE-FX has helped us see opportunities that, together with OutSystems low-code technology,

made it possible to become real action.



The Lessor App is a way to create palpable time efficiency and make the whole leasing contract lifecycle less

error-prone. The contract goes from the hands of the contract manager directly to SAP RE-FX without the need for

the contract manager to ever enter the tool. It also allows the lessor to have a direct channel to the contract manager

and input invoices, see credit notes, or extend a contract with a click of a button.

OCR Technology for efficient contract creation


Using OCR technology, a pdf contract is read within seconds,

and all of the important data will be picked and showed in the front-end

where the user can confirm it and submit it or make any necessary changes

Direct communication between contract manager and lessor


Contract managers and lessors have a direct communication channel

where they can request changes, extend contracts, submit invoices

and check credit notes.

OutSystems as a competitive advantage


OutSystems allowed us to make an idea a reality with just a few months

of development work. We could make all the necessary adjustments along the

way without any major hassle. That gave us the freedom to shape the application

to its best capabilities and still meet our deadlines.

Full integration with SAP RE-FX


SAP is a complex tool that can require time and effort to manage.

That is why, for us, the integration of the app with SAP it’s one of its

major advantages. It allows for the contract manager to not have to deal

with SAP RE-FX, saving also their time to handle each contract.

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