Outsource your lease accounting to minimize your costs of compliance!

Especially companies with a rather small lease portfolio are usually forced into excessive administration efforts to become and stay compliant. Outsourcing lease accounting is the most efficient way to compliance.

No need to select, implement and maintain a separate IT tool

Benefit from a market-leading, audit-proof lease engine without having to license it

No need to train internal teams on how to interpret lease terms according to IFRS 16

Delegate repetitive and at the same time complicated tasks to our IFRS16 expert teams

Have full transparency, comfortable reports, and receive all required journal entries

Receive automatic notifications to never miss notice periods, extension options etc.

Our cloud based lease accounting process in a nutshell

The LAaaS process is very straight-forward and transparent:

Step 1: We receive your lease data

  • Option 1: Upload the lease contract - we handle the rest
  • Option 2: Just provide the key data of the contract
  • Option 3: You just receive raw lists of fleet data? We will handle these for you

Step 2: We interpret your contract data and make sure they are reflected in IFRS16 correctly:

  • What's the correct Right of Use value?
  • What's the correct amortization period?
  • How is an index-dependency handled correctly?
  • Payments are in arrears or in irregular terms?
  • What is the effect of rent-free-periods in the contract?
  • How is this treated in our different ledgers?
  • We have some variable lease payments, what happens with these?
  • etc etc etc

Step 3: We will produce all required postings and disclosure reports on a regular basis

  • Balance Sheet KPIs like Long Term and Short Term Liabilities, Accruals etc.
  • P&L KPIs like Interest Expenses and Depreciations
  • Detail journal entries per contract, providing all information to post these in your local books
  • Overview reports that allow you to analyze your lease portfolio
  • Audit logs and version controls

All this will be available in a comfortable web-application

Schedule a Demo with us

provide five contracts as example and we will give you the Accounting Results.

Qiado's LAaaS is a cloud-based business process service and the most efficient alternative to manage your lease accounting.

    Guaranteed by a market-leading lease engine

    Pay what you consume = No fixed baseline costs.

    Free trial phase with no commitments.

Setup and pricing model

Asset based pricing guarantees full scalability

When implementing a leasing tool, it makes no big difference if you have 100 or 15.000 leased assets. In LAaaS it does, as the subscription fee is based on the number of assets. If you have a small lease portfolio, you will also have a small subscription fee.

How long does the implementation take?

You will start with a short and free trial period in which you will see that LAaaS really works for your company. Afterwards we will ask you to deliver some basic master data for the initial setup. Once you have delivered this, we are ready to take over your contracts within a few days.

What does the implementation cost?

Also the implementation itself is charged per asset. So even here LAaaS offers full scalability.

What are the total running costs?

Your LAaaS subscription fee is fully transparent and fully variable. It is based on the number of assets and the number of asset events. "Events" are financially relevant adjustments to your leased assets like rate modifications, inceptions or terminations. There are no other costs involved.

Schedule a Demo with us

provide five contracts as example and we will give you the Accounting Results.

LAaaS – Additional Packages

Workshop Accounting Standards - IFRS 16 and/or ASC 842

Workshop Training where you will learn the accounting standards IFRS 16 and/or ASC 842 (US GAAP). Support for your accountants and lease administrator to fully understand the impact of the new standards.

ERP integration

Support to create rules and process to integrate into your ERP with our journal entries. The integration process support helps the creation of files that are easy to import and to reconcile between the reports of our services and your ERP.

Custom Ad-hoc Reports

Development of custom ad-hoc reports specific for your needs. Our reports are flexible to support the requirements not only of your disclosure reports, but as well, the complete administration of your lease portfolio

Reconciliation Process

Support in the definition of process and rules in your ERP for the reconciliation process for the lease expenses (invoices) and if needed your local GAAP. The reconciliation process is one of the biggest challenges of the new standards.